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The strategy devised one step ahead of time,
Excellent technology and creative thinking, OOKSAN IMT Co., Ltd.

Welcome. I am Joh Dong-won, the CEO of OOKSAN IMT Co., Ltd.
Thank you for your visit to our website.
To respond to users’ diverse needs, OOKSAN IMT Co., Ltd. provides the high-speedy and precise optimal systems for Proposal, Engineering, Making & Installation, and Follow-up Management in line with global trends.

In addition, focusing on automated storage/retrieval system and engine/transmission assembly line equipment, our company ceaselessly develops new items, such as automated equipment, steel handling automation, flexible manufacturing system, and industrial furnace equipment and makes an effort to open a new market.

With our customer-optimized technology and service, OOKSAN IMT will become your partner of providing the total solution of production equipment.

Thank you .

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