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OOKSAN IMT Co., Ltd., your partner providing
the total solution of production equipment

System Solution Division runs the engineering to mass-production Full Turn-key business of automobile parts
assembly line equipment for internal combustion engine, eco-friendly automobile HEV assembly equipment as new business, and EV motor assembly line.
We are your partner of providing the total solution of production equipment in such processes as manufacturing,
installation and maintenance by using our customer-optimized technology and service in terms of proposal and engineering that
meet users’ diverse needs in line with the changing smart equipment establishment in manufacturing settings.

Eco-friendly Automobile (EV, HEV)

Beginning with EV Motor Assembly Line, we join the eco-friendly automobile market.

Beginning with EV motor assembly line as the new business in line with market trends and customers’ needs, our company participate in the eco-friendly automobile market on a full scale and makes some changes in main business areas.

EV Reducer Assembly Line

HEV Main Assembly Line

Main Business Achievements

Date Achievements
2010. Hyundai Hybrid Assembly LINE
2010. GM, Mexico Voltec Hybird PJT
2012. Hyundai, Ulsan Factory Hybrid 100,000 Expansion
2018. Nidec, EDU(Electric Driving Unit) Assembly Line
2020. Hyundai Transys, Front-wheel Drive 6-Speed HEV Main Motor Assembly Line

Main Customers



  • Find/analyze the current issues
  • Suggest a reasonable improvement plan
  • Draw an optimal system


  • Analyze process/ analyze the quantity of goods
  • Develop the system for a special purpose
  • Simulate and analyze properties
  • Make lightweight/standardization design
  • Reflect the drawn issues
  • Review drawings(D.R)


  • Shop-test before shipping
    (User Layout/ Shop Test))
  • Manufacture/Standard JIG for inspection
    Quality standardization
  • Install by experts with a lot of experience

04Test-operation / After-sales service

  • Establish the test-operation solution for each equipment
  • Secure the test-operation profile for customer verification
  • Conduct preventive inspection and provide maintenance education