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Steel Handling Automation Equipment

We provide the perfect technical service for the design and
installation of steel handling automation equipment.

It is possible to design, manufacture, and supply in a batch process the automation system for packing the final products of steel coils, which consists of interleaving sheet feeding device, wrapping device, and transfer device.
The steel handling automation equipment of OOKSAN IMT Co., Ltd. is supplied to global factories (Tokyo steel, JFE, China Steel), and is highly acclaimed.

Main Business Achievements
Customers Achievements
China steel P.E Wrapping lifter Steel Sheet Supply Transfer
Tokyo steel Coil transfer
Paper Supply Machine
JFE Coil tuner
Vietnam Slab Roller Table for Formosa Ha Tinh Steel
Slab Walking CV for Formosa Ha Tinh Steel
Fujian Fuxin China Shuttle car
IHI Metal Tech Thailand Walking Conveyor
UACJ Coil Elevator
No.1/No.2 Shuttle car
Feeding Conveyor
Working Conveyor
Roller Conveyor
JFE Suttle Robo Line
Coil Lifter
Coil Turn Table
Coil Skid

Main Customers



  • Find/analyze the current issues
  • Suggest a reasonable improvement plan
  • Draw an optimal system


  • Analyze process/ analyze the quantity of goods
  • Develop the system for a special purpose
  • Simulate and analyze properties
  • Make lightweight/standardization design
  • Reflect the drawn issues
  • Review drawings(D.R)


  • Shop-test before shipping
    (User Layout/ Shop Test))
  • Manufacture/Standard JIG for inspection
    Quality standardization
  • Install by experts with a lot of experience

04Test-operation / After-sales service

  • Establish the test-operation solution for each equipment
  • Secure the test-operation profile for customer verification
  • Conduct preventive inspection and provide maintenance education