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Industrial Furnace

Through our independent furnace engineering, our system plays a role as a partner of steel manufacturing and IT industries.

Our company already secures excellency of technology through multiple experiences in industrial sites, and has the ability to execute engineering (machine, electrical instrumentation, DSC & PLC Control System), design, manufacturing, installation, and test-operation in a batch process. Based on the technology and ability, we make our effort to advance into foreign markets, as well as the domestic market.
In line with the global trend, we do the best to jump towards an environmental enterprise by developinb the equipment related to the environment

Main Bussiness Achievements
Year Achievements
2014 Hyundai Heavy Industries, MOSS MOSS Aluminym Globular Tank Hot Forming Equipment (Ulsan)
Hyundai Steel, Driving Car Type Annealing Furnace 30TON/CH (Pohang)
2013 Indonesia, Converter enclosure
Okumura, SLAG Tilt Cart
Indonesia, Sintering Ignition Furnace
2012 POSCO Special Steel, Steel Pipe Barrel Furnace (Changwon)
2010 Korea THT, SEMI Continuous Carburizing Furnace (Sacheon)
Schaeffler Korea, H.L Hardening Continuous Furnace Manufacturing & Installation (Changwon)
POSCO, 5 Sintering Ignition Furnace (Gwangyang)
CGL, Polishing Brush Part (India)
2009 Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, Vertical Differential Heat Furnace (Changwon)
Hyundai Steel, Sintering Ignition Furnace (Dangjin)
2007 SeAH Besteel, Driving Car Type Heating Furnace (Gunsan)
Schaeffler Korea, Continuous Furnace (FAG)
2006 Iljin Machinery, Driving Car Type Annealing Furnace
Miju Steel, 4Ton/HR SUS Solution Furnace (Pohang)

Main Customers



  • Find/analyze the current issues
  • Suggest a reasonable improvement plan
  • Draw an optimal system


  • Analyze process/ analyze the quantity of goods
  • Develop the system for a special purpose
  • Simulate and analyze properties
  • Make lightweight/standardization design
  • Reflect the drawn issues
  • Review drawings(D.R)


  • Shop-test before shipping
    (User Layout/ Shop Test))
  • Manufacture/Standard JIG for inspection
    Quality standardization
  • Install by experts with a lot of experience

04Test-operation / After-sales service

  • Establish the test-operation solution for each equipment
  • Secure the test-operation profile for customer verification
  • Conduct preventive inspection and provide maintenance education