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OOKSAN IMT Co., Ltd. is your partner that
provides the total solution of production equipment with the
use of customer-optimized technology and service.

To respond to users’ diverse needs, OOKSAN IMT Co., Ltd.
provides the high-speedy and precise optimal systems for Proposal,
Engineering, Making & Installation, and Follow-up Management in line with global trends.

We provide the perfect technical service for the design and installation of automated storage/retrieval system.

The standardized design of OOKSAN Co., Ltd. Automated Storage/Retrieval System makes it possible to respond actively to system expansion and remodeling, and supports solutions that meet various conditions, such as high load, high rise, and high speed. In addition, it achieves a lot of industrial performance in diverse areas, including electricity & electronics, automobile, food products, and pharmaceuticals.

Automobile Parts



Main Business Achievements
Year Achievements
2020 POSCO Chemical, Unburned Refractory Factory Auto Warehouse System
2018 Namsung Precision, Piping Parts Automated Warehouse
2017 Hyundai Motor Company, Ulsan Factory Integrated Engine Auto Warehouse
Renault Samsung Motors, CYLINDER BLOCK Automated Warehouse
Kia, A/P CYLINDER HEAD Automated Warehouse
Nongshim, Yanbian Baeksansu Mineral Water Auto Warehouse 2nd

Hyundai Steel, Suncheon Factory High-rise Warehouse (HBS) S/Crane Manufacturing (17ton load)

Kia, Adaptor Warehouse
Hyundai Beijing Dymos, Finished Product & Heat Treatment Warehouse

2015 Nongshim, Yanbian Baeksansu Mineral Water Auto Warehouse 1st
2014 Nexen Tire, Changnyeog 2nd Auto Warehouse
2013 Hyundai Wia, Engine & Transmission Auto Warehouse
2012 LG Chem, EVA Auto Warehouse
Celltrion, Drug Storage Warehouse
IPC Saudi Arabia, IPC EVA Warehouse S/C (Saudi Arabia)
Hanwha Solutions, EVA Auto Warehouse S/C
Nexen Tire, Qingdao Factory Auto Warehouse
2011 Hyundai Hysco, Coil handling system S/C (15ton load)
Nexen Tire, Changnyeong 1st Auto Warehouse
Johnson Controls, Car Seat Assembly AS/RS
2010 Hyundai Motor Company, Transmission Auto Warehouse
AFT Korea Wiring Warehouse (Beijing Hyundai Motor Company)
2009 Johnson Controls, Car Seat Assembly AS/RS
2008 Donghee Industries Co., Ltd., Coating Line Auto Warehouse (State of Georgia, USA)
Hyundai Rotem, Wiring Feeding Line
SEIL, Cold storage Stacker Crane
2007 Harim, Cold-Storage Warehouse S/C

Main Customers



  • Find/analyze the current issues
  • Suggest a reasonable improvement plan
  • Draw an optimal system


  • Analyze process/ analyze the quantity of goods
  • Develop the system for a special purpose
  • Simulate and analyze properties
  • Make lightweight/standardization design
  • Reflect the drawn issues
  • Review drawings(D.R)


  • Shop-test before shipping
    (User Layout/ Shop Test))
  • Manufacture/Standard JIG for inspection
    Quality standardization
  • Install by experts with a lot of experience

04Test-operation / After-sales service

  • Establish the test-operation solution for each equipment
  • Secure the test-operation profile for customer verification
  • Conduct preventive inspection and provide maintenance education

Design Process

LAY-OUT Drawing Concept and Making Idea

TIME ANALYSIS Analyze the amount of traffic

CALCULATION CONCEPT Start Design by Simulation Reference data

DESIGN CONCEPT Drawing the Concept data.